Webinar "Calculated Hebrew Calendar Course"

The Sanctuary Institute is a very unique learning institution that assists the Believer in adopting a strategic, intentional and holistic plan that directly impacts the culture of your community. We are committed to a training paradigm and educational model that prepares the Believer to enter the world thinking as Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), reasoning with other world views (Acts 17), persuading others to follow Christ (Acts 17), and thinking, writing and speaking critically and intelligently.
It is conceivable that we could produce students with the spiritual depth needed to enter our pluralistic society and not fall prey to empty philosophies, but enter the marketplace God has called them to with confidence, purpose and an eternal perspective. Covenant students attending The Sanctuary Institute will leave secure with the knowledge to build a Kingdom life! Are you ready to enter learn? Go ahead and register to enter into the Virtual Classroom. 

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